CBD Infused Products & Challenges Running A Compliant Kitchen [by Mama Dee]

"I was taking a medication for my lungs and it was working to a point. Then I did some research and found out that the possible side effects of this drug could and would kill me!" - Mama Dee

From children with debilitating diseases, to soldiers with PTSD, to the business women with carpel tunnel, to the grandfather with old football injuries, and even the average person who needs some pain relief and can't find it because the available medication doesn't work for them, our goal is to provide a selection of products that will help everyone.




Our Story

Our founder DeVera "Mama Dee" Johnson was looking for a way that she could give back to her friends, family, and community. She herself is a user of medical cannabis to ease the symptoms of her medical condition. She has always been an amazing chef and even ran her own business selling homemade jams and jellies for years. She was given the opportunity to create a few cannabis infused products for a mother who needed an alternative for her child whose condition had become extremely severe and even began to injure herself. She was then asked if she could create an additional product for her friend's mother who had chronic nerve pain and the prescribed medication was slowly causing her to lose her sight. DeVera then realized that there were so many others out there who suffered from similar conditions that could be helped.

DeVera then brought in her partner Alia who had the skills and knowledge to help her design a brand that represented herself and the message she wanted to convey. Mama Dee’s Kitchen is a women-owned and black-owned business and Mama Dee and Alia worked tirelessly until they came up with a subtle, elegant design they felt was true representation of them.


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"I wanted something that was feminine but not girly. I also wanted our design to state that we were a black owned business without shoving the design in your face. And absolutely NO marijuana leaves!!!" - Mama Dee

"Even though I hadn’t designed for the cannabis business very long, I just know I didn’t want to put a marijuana leaf on my design. I wanted our products and our brand to stand out among the other edibles companies so they would know our first priority is medical relief not getting high." – Alia P.


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Our Products

With our products, we first wanted to create something that all people can take. We focused on children in particular as mothers were our first customers. They wanted something they could give to their children when other medications were no longer an option. And since the elderly was our second concern, we wanted something that can be dosed easily and very small quantities. We came up with infused honey. Surprisingly, many dispensaries did not carry honey! So we thought, why not us? And since its coming out of Mama Dee’s kitchen, it has to taste good! We began with wildflower infused honey and then expanded our line into including flavors such as vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, and lemon.

Honey itself has numerous health benefits and contains many nutrients and antioxidants. When combined with CBDs, you have one seriously healthy and tasty remedy! Our honey can be taken by itself or added to other foods as a sweetener and you will never taste the cannabis. Mama Dee uses only the highest grade organic ingredients and she absolutely did not want to sacrifice taste for her infused products so all of our products are made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.


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The Future

In the future, we plan to expand our flavor offering for our honeys and even expand our product line to other sweet offerings! We can’t reveal everything just yet, but please stay tuned. With all of the new regulations in California, we can’t say it’s been a breeze but we’re navigating these murky waters with the help of some amazing people and the drive to bring our product to a wider market so many people can know that there are healthy products out there that can be an alternative to overpriced, dangerous medication. We hope we can reach as many lives as we can and with all of the support we have been getting, this is a dream that we can realize very soon." -Mama Dee & Alia P.

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