Read the story how Boomspharm came to be... [by Nick Boomer]

Hey guys this is Nick Boomer! Thanks for supporting Boomspharm and my passion to educate others to provide clean cannabis.

Read the story below about my Bio and a little how Boomspharm developed in the cannabis industry.

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To date I have 15 years Cannabusiness experience. I am Born & Raised in Southern California originally operating out of LA/OC. I Spent 8 years doing commercial HVAC & Electrical installations for family business. I even majored in Business Management & Marketing while in college.

After several injuries and surgeries resulting in chronic pain, I was prescribed opiates like many patients, and found out the side effects long term. I knew I had to get off the pills. While recovering on bed rest, I read books and self taught myself to grow top shelf cannabis for my own medical needs.

Building the Brand:

At the time where growers in CA were watering down the quality, I saw a huge opportunity to build a cannabis brand to promote the quality and service Boomspharm wanted to provide. I started growing originally at home then expanded to 1,500sqft commercial facility with automated environmental controls and irrigation. Over time, I built a large social media following for the Boomspharm brand with 30,000 followers. Mostly by promoting professional cannabusiness, and lifestyle, with educational postings, encouraging others to grow organically. With the recent demand for compliant cannabis in the US, Ive developed a joint venture with a licensed dispensary in CA, and expanded to a new location planning to cultivate 22,000sqft canopy of THC & CBD dominant cultivars.

Medicated & Educated:

I continue to educate myself via botany workshops and fellow consultants to promote and offer pesticide free standard operating procedures. Implementing biological controls to prevent pests and mold in mixed light, indoor or sun grown facilities. Promoting living soil and “beyond organic” practices to cultivate the finest craft cannabis in the world. Ive even been touring legal states to train clients in compliant nursery and cultivation practices. My process allows for companies to pass stringent lab certifications and become third party certified for beyond organic cultivation.

Going Beyond Organic:

These practices are sustainable with solar and wind power, and incorporating permaculture design to be eco-conscious and carbon friendly. Building living soil ecosystems on farms and educating others to do the same. I never use any poisonous pesticides or chemicals to grow food or cannabis, and neither should you! 

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Breeding Projects, Tissue Culture, & Nurseries:

I work closely with some of the industry’s leading cannabis seed breeders and has access to verified strains direct from the creator. We offer clones and seedlings from these breeders and in return the Breeder receives a royalty. We vault all cultivars in a professionally managed tissue culture nursery lab, and conventionally clone most production in current active states.

Experience Counts:

Ive run my own delivery service in LA & OC successfully for years and has consulted design and operations for dispensaries, grows, labs, greenhouses, and more. Boomspharm nursery reputation positively spread by offering lab tested CBD genetics that was pesticide free and no PGRs. This was crucial for medical patients to build faith in Boomspharm products and services which created a snowball effect of never ending referrals.

Compliant Cannabis:

More recently Ive been establishing compliant nurseries & cultivation sites, in legal states to promote good practices and starting place for new and current cultivators. This will build success in the community as a whole so growers, extractors, vape & edible company’s alike, will all benefit from clean cannabis biomass that passes testing for pesticides, fungicides, PGRs, mold, heavy metals, or other contaminants.


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Spread the Word:

I passionately and actively share cannabusiness insider knowledge with clients and members, in hopes to see a world filled with clean cannabis products to choose from.

What am I doing now:

Im Focusing on consulting for facilities and speaking at educational seminars monthly. Im well diversified in several other areas of cannabusiness. I can help identify Greenzone legal properties available for retrofit, then develop into a turn key grow, extraction lab, or dispensary. As the industry develops further, Ill continue to keep his ear open to the community to stay ahead of the curve. Working together to combine resources and mutually benefit as a whole. 

Educational Web Courses:

After so many patients and clients requesting it, ive decided to provide an online web course for Basic and Advanced Cannabis Cultivation so you yourself can learn how to grow clean cannabis at home! All organic, indoor or outdoor, with no pesticides and for a fraction of the cost the dispensaries charge you for pesticide-latent weed...

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-Nick Boomer







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