Bunk CBD Products VS Full Spectrum CBD [ by Nick Boomer ]

California’s struggling regulated cannabis market, has yet to live up to the hype, predicted by many. High tax rates, and slow permitting processes, plague the golden state with hurdles, resulting in several companies bleeding cash, and forced to drop out of the race.

US Farm Bill was released, and included Hemp for national cultivation, in states with permitted cultivation programs. Thus, awakening a second wave of CBD-crazed entrepreneurs, hoping to cash-in big, on the healing powers of cannabidiol.

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Hemp Field Seeds from www.fenoseedbank.com enter “Boomspharm” get 15% OFF

Now, stop and think about what you just read…

California is the world’s 6th largest economy, and is falling far behind other progressive states, and countries, regarding cannabis regulations.

Compounded with the US Farm Bill announcing Hemp as an approved agricultural crop, there's a Cannabinoid-frenzy occurring in this state. -Among others...

-But is anyone considering the implications of patent #US6630507B1 possessed by the United States Government? “Big Brother” possess the rights for Cannabidiol licensing used in any formulation; whether Hemp or Cannabis derived CBD… (Sources Cited: Source 1 & Source 2   The US Government has systematically misled Americans, and the world’s citizens, that “Cannabis has no medicinal value…”  -Well guess what!? Government scientists discovered along time ago, at University of Mississippi, what benefits cannabis has on mammals, -but they won't refer to it as “Cannabis…”

They’d prefer to reference the plant’s derivatives, like Cannabidiol “CBD.” -which is not naturally found occurring in large quantities of plants or mammals, anywhere else on earth, other than in Cannabis Indica, Sativa, or Ruderalis (hemp) cultivars…

Even medical doctors were blown away once they found out humans, and animals alike, possess CB Receptors, specifically evolved in our bodies, to process cannabinoids!

The CB Receptor system is more complex than I will share in this newsletter, but I urge you to research more on it, as a functioning part of your own body, you’re likely “Cannabinoid-Deficient..”

-Which is why you hear amazing stories of healing, from all walks of life, that use cannabis regularly. Cannabinoids are an herbal supplement to be used in moderation, preferably ingested, rather than smoked, for the health benefits. Citing the US Government's patents purpose for “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and nueroprotectants” -I'd like to say, we already knew that from anecdotal use. But thanks for patenting it before anyone else could big brother… (*sarcastic sigh)

CB Receptors

CB Receptors

I've been cultivating cannabis for 16+ years, and back in 2011 I started lab testing with SC Labs in CA, to better gauge my potency quality at the time. Then I began growing a strain from seed, called Cannatonic, bred by Resin Seeds in Spain. Cultivating to maturity, and submitting a sample for analysis at the lab, allowed me to discover a phenotype called “ACDC.”

This phenotype tested at 18% CBD and only 0.7% THC, which was unheard of at the time. While working diligently with the lab to better understand the cannabinoids production, and best uses, I, myself struggled, in a THC-dominant market, that was demanding OGs, and heavy-hitting THC strains, with little, or no CBD.

ACDC Strain on Merry Jane  Click Here to Watch

ACDC Strain on Merry Jane Click Here to Watch

No dispensary would donate for the ACDC flower, once I told them; “It doesn't get you high, it provides relief without the psychoactive side-effects associated with high THC strains.”

I was frustrated at the time, but soon realized, it was a blessing in disguise. As the pushback forced me to open up my own delivery service collective in Socal, appropriately named “CBD Delivery.”  By working directly with the patients, as a cultivator, I was able to help those truly in need of medical cannabis, and they relied on me, to grow flowers organically, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. I served many supportive patients during that time, and continued to lab test, and pheno hunt for other genetics concurrently.

We still work today with breeders to enrich the genetic diversity of cannabinoids for regional production. You can even check out Medtree Seeds to see CBD dominant hybrids created using my clone stock from way back then.

Over the years of growing primarily CBD-rich cultivars, I gained a reputation in the cannabis community for being the “CBD Guy,” and most forgot I did THC work as well.

As time progressed, media outlets discovered CBD and released documentaries, and reports from CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta, highlighting the benefits of Cannabis. It seemed like overnight, CBD became the silver-health-bullet, and a revenue generator for many. As for Boomspharm, that was the moment I started to further diversify my research and work, to become more involved with the evolving Hemp market developing in states like Colorado. The pioneering opportunities there, allowed us to plant and harvest,  300 acres of pivot irrigated hemp fields, with partnered farms like Feno Seedbank, and others.

The acceptability, and accessibility, changed with the taboo lifting for CBD products, that didn't get you “high.” As many found it to provide relief, for patients, and increased their quality of life. These success stories shared via the internet fast-tracked the demand for CBD, but it also blurred the lines between full spectrum CBD Oil and CBD SEED Oil…

This brings me to a part of the market I like to refer to as “CBD Unicorn deals” and “Bunk CBD products…” Some of you may know this situation already, but I'm sure a lot of you do not.  

Can you imagine, seeing an epileptic child, having several seizures a day, completely stop the seizures, when dosed with a drop of full spectrum CBD oil? It's a miracle, to say the least.

Now, what if, that tincture contained only CBD Seed Oil, and not true, full spectrum CBD Oil… And that unknowing parent, went to administer that CBD Seed Oil infused tincture to their seizing child, only to discover, that the tincture is bunk, and contains no real Cannabidiol at all? Devastating.

That's the reality of most CBD products on the shelves right now, being sold across the world in Smoke/Vape shops, Health Food Stores, 7/11 stores, Online, and even some dispensaries. CBD infused products have no regulatory agency overseeing the product quality, testing, ingredients, and there’s no ramifications for the manufacturer, at this time.

Order Full Spectrum CBD Products Get 10% OFF use  Promo Code “Boom10” Click Here

Order Full Spectrum CBD Products Get 10% OFF use Promo Code “Boom10” Click Here

CBD products infused with CBD SEED Oil, are rich in Omegas, not Cannabidiol. Cannabis and Hemp cultivars grown to maturity will ripen resin glands and biomass to produce increased levels of cannabinoids, (and terpenoids.)

Depending which cannabinoid is dominant, you will likely find a THC or CBD rich strain, and the extraction lab will remove desired cannabinoid compounds, using solvents, to then infuse properly, into a delivery system product like tincture, capsules, edibles, etc.

-Versus CBD Seed Oil comes from Hemp Seeds that have be cold pressed, to remove the Omega-rich Oil, from the seed hulls. Omegas are great for you, and CBD Seed Oil can be used AS WELL, for a carrying agent. Allowing the formulator to infuse full spectrum CBD Oil into the product media, resulting in increased bioavailability, over other alternatives, like propylene glycol, ethanol, and glycerin etc.

I want to differentiate these derivatives to better educate consumers who are essentially buying “snake oil” that doesn't provide the results they had hoped for. I watched a Channel 11 Newscast segment the other evening highlighting the lack of CBD in advertised products around CA, and they lab tested the sample products bought, with a reputable ISO accredited lab, and they found 8 out of 10 products contained ZERO % CBD in them. Even worse, some products made health claims to cure or relieve symptoms, but did absolutely nothing for the user. I do appreciate journalism for discovering health concerns pertaining to consumer safety, but I admittedly, was annoyed. Because the news channel, only showed the “bunk cbd products,” and didn't patronize reputable dispensaries or test brands, who have good standing in the community for providing transparent test results, testimonies, and patient appreciation days; better educating their consumers… Instead the news anchors, essentially demonized CBD products, as if, it is all snake oil, and “buyers should beware.”

snake oil.jpg

I do work with reputable brands that do their homework, procure quality  US Grown full spectrum CBD, that's lab tested; free of heavy metals, pesticides, molds, and prove the product is rich in cannabinoids using a third party chromatograph reporting a certificate of analysis.

If you're looking for reputable full spectrum CBD brands I’d highly recommend the following products for your consideration;

For your furry friends;


(-> Offering CBD infused tinctures formulated by Veterinarian, who’s also the owner)

For humans;

Flower Of Life CBD

(-> They offer a plethora of CBD infused product options, ranging from tinctures, capsules, vapes, topicals, to smokeable flower & prerolls. Get 10% OFF your order using promo code: “Boom10”)

I always recommend doing some research, on anything and everything, you put in, or on your body. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

Drink PH’d water, eat clean local food, exercise, and love unconditionally.

I’m very well versed in cannabis and hemp, its my passion. I've dedicated my life to this plant and it’s message. I don't speak on this topic, to further my own agenda, I share this news as part of my mission statement; to provide clean cannabis to all that seek it.

I speak from experience, and moral fortitude, to do what is right, and lead by example. I hope you share this story with someone you care about, to help spread the word how cannabinoids can change your life. I encourage you to support local farmers, brands who lab test, provide product transparency, and the cannabis community as a whole;

-We built this shit…  And we’re here to stay.       #adaptandgrow

Aerial Photo 300 Acre Hemp Field w/ Feno Seedbank Order Seeds  Click Here Get 15% OFF  order with promo code “Boomspharm”

Aerial Photo 300 Acre Hemp Field w/ Feno Seedbank Order Seeds Click Here Get 15% OFF order with promo code “Boomspharm”