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The Strain Name Game | Cannabis Genetics In Jeopardy [ by Nick Boomer ]

Gain a better understanding of cannabis genetics and testing, why it's important to support farms, brands, breeders, and producers, whom are transparent, and want to put out the best product, ethically. This is one of many ways we can ensure our cannabis community develops into the industry we all want to see, and it starts with you.

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Bunk CBD Products VS Full Spectrum CBD [ by Nick Boomer ]

US Farm Bill was released, and included Hemp for national cultivation, in states with permitted cultivation programs. Thus, awakening a second wave of CBD-crazed entrepreneurs, hoping to cash-in big, on the healing powers of cannabidiol.

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Using cannabis for spiritual healing. [ by Dina Kleiman ]

Today I am going to talk a little about the work that I do as an energy healer and then I will describe how I use cannabis to help me with this work.  I will then offer some guidelines that I myself follow in order to help me connect with the medicine on a deeper level.

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"Business Is Booming, For Boomspharm" by Amy Witt [Published by The Emerald Magazine]

“I realized, over my lifetime, that I didn’t choose cannabis—cannabis chose me. Cannabis literally saved my life and allowed me to heal others. I’ve dedicated my life to increasing the pool of clean cannabis genetics and making the corresponding product available in a safe-access manner,” Boomer expressed.

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Medical Cannabis Refugee Creates CBD Infused Bath Bombs To Treat Symptoms [by Jenna Hensley]

“When your child cannot find a remedy from a doctor, yet an illegal substance can do the trick, you have to relocate to where it is safe to use the substance. I waited until I was old enough to move myself because my parents refused to leave their state. There are thousands of us medical transplants scattered around the country, hundreds of us are from Texas alone.”

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'PHighting' Lupus & Pulmenary Hypertension w/ Cannabis [ by Elisa Lipnick ]

“I have loved playing in the dirt since I was a young girl. I enjoy being in my garden and seeing the life that pops up from the ground. I hope that soon all patients, will have access to medical cannabis. I hear so many stories in my community of others loving cannabis, and how great it makes them feel. I know this plant will change so many lives, and so many others with have an improved quality of life, and that to me, is priceless. “ 

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CBD Infused Products & Challenges Running A Compliant Kitchen [by Mama Dee]

“Our mission here at Mama Dee's Kitchen is to provide a safe alternative to traditional and often harmful medication. Our customers always come first. We know that there are millions of people out there who suffer daily from a variety of medical conditions that make it hard for them to cope with everyday life. The medications that are prescribed to these people are, more often than not, more hazardous to their health than their medical condition.”

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Navigating The Murky Waters Of Compliant Cannabis In California [by Nick Boomer]

However, as the years have gone on, I’m watching the laws develop, and seeing the tax structures crush small family farmers. In CA some counties have unlimited canopy sizes whereas other restrict to half an acre essentially per license. Come 2023 in CA we will have unlimited canopy licenses available and big players well funded are already rolling in buying up agriculture land here

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Cannabis and Spirituality [by Dina Kleiman]

Suddenly it became so much easier for me to connect with the spirit world. My clairvoyance and other internal sensors were magnified. I did not know where to focus my eyes – on the physical person or on the energetic being standing next to her.

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3 Mistakes for Athletes to Avoid When Confusing Cannabis During Performance [by Brock Cannon]

The majority of the athletes that I know who use cannabis for athletic needs consume it in the form of edibles. Edibles can be tricky as they take a prolonged time to enter the system. While the packaging of most edibles now gives estimated time frames of when the effect kicks in, it always varies. Some are as quick as 30 minutes, and some take as long as 2 hours. I’ve had many training runs where I only plan on being out for 90 minutes, and if I take it only 10 or 20 minutes before I run out the door, I often don’t feel the effect at all during my workout.

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Read the story how Boomspharm came to be... [by Nick Boomer]

To date I have 15 years Cannabusiness experience. I am Born & Raised in Southern California originally operating out of LA/OC. I Spent 8 years doing commercial HVAC & Electrical installations for family business. I even majored in Business Management & Marketing while in college.

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