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Can I buy seeds from you?

Yes, thru my seed bank’s website Feno Seed Bank
For retail sized orders be sure to enter promo code: “Boomspharm” to receive 15% OFF your order.
For bulk wholesale orders, click here


Can I order CBD tinctures and capsules from you?

Yes, thru my processing partners website Eureka CBD

For retail sized orders be sure to enter promo code: “Boomspharm” to receive 15% OFF your order.

For bulk wholesale orders and white label product options, click here


Can I buy wholesale CBD extract from you?

Yes, I offer US grown and processed cannabis or hemp derived full spectrum crude oil, distillate, or isolate. Click here to contact for ordering.

Do you ship clones?

No, we can not legally ship clones. Consider ordering THC or CBD seeds from my seed bank’s website Fenos Seed Bank and be sure to enter “Boomspharm” to get 15% OFF your order.

Where can I buy Boomspharm approved clones?

Boomspharm approved nursery’s are located in California and serve select retail locations. Click here to get an updated list of stores or delivery services that offer our products.
For wholesale quantity of 50 or more clones, please click here to arrange an order.

Do you offer information on cultivating cannabis?

Yes, I have complimentary information offered in our blogs and submissions from other experts in the cannabis industry. Be sure to subscribe with your email to receive the monthly newsletter keeping you updated on events and other educational tips.

Do your offer educational courses?

Yes, I offer complimentary tips in my blog page and newsletter. For serious students wishing to invest in their education further, I’m offering an online 4-week Crash Course; Learn How To Grow Organic Cannabis. A nominal fee will be asked to invest in either Basic & Advance Classes. 

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, I offer consulting and coaching for individuals and companies. Services range from a variety of cannabis-centric categories like; indoor, greenhouse, & sun-grown cannabis cultivation, extracts, edible infusions, lab testing, green zone real estate, & getting state compliant, among several other areas. Contact me today by to see how I can help provide solutions. 

What do you do with my email info?

Your email and information submitted to this website is for internal use only. I will be sending you monthly newsletters and promotional content pertaining to the cannabis industry and Boomspharm. We hate email spam too and won’t send you annoying junk mail. You’re able to opt out of the email subscription anytime via the email.

Who is Boomspharm?

Nick Boomer is the sole owner and operator of Boomspharm based out of Orange County, CA. Learn more about Boomspharm! 

Are you hiring?

Not at this moment but I always intake and review resumes from applicants. I would be happy to forward along and refer to associate companies needing assistance in the cannabis sector. Otherwise I will keep resumes on file for future openings as projects develop further. Contact us and submit your resume. 


Do you offer Military Discounts?

Yes I do.  I offer varied discounts on seeds, clones, and CBD products. Discounts are qualified for active military or veterans as a thank you for serving this great country. I will honor the same discount to spouses as well! I come from a military family and appreciate all military personnel and veterans who served. Thanks for your service! Hoorah! Contact us for discount codes.


Do you offer Discounts for Seriously Ill Patients?

Yes I do. I offer discounts on seeds, clones, and other products for seriously ill patients with conditions like cancer, tumors, epilepsy, lupus, PTSD, and similar life debilitating diseases or conditions. I am a patient first, who represents other patients in my collective.

We believe in “By Patients, for Patients.”  I started growing medical cannabis for personal medication in 2005 to get away from taking prescribed opiates. Due to several injuries as a young adult, I experience chronic pain symptoms from four knee reconstructions, lower back pain, and vertebrae C3 & C4 in my neck are fusing together from car accident injuries.

I have found significant relief using cannabis THC & CBD compounds and my quality of life is exponentially better when medicating with cannabinoids. I am forever committed to spreading the benefits of this plant with others and if you are in serious need please contact me.


Do you offer sponsorships?

If you’re an athlete, author, grower, extractor, breeder, entertainer, performer, model, and think your fan base would benefit from seeing you sport some Boomspharm gear; feel free to contact me here, and chat further about how we can promote and mutually benefit together! Help spread the word about this wonderful plant. 


Do you offer affiliate marketing & cross promotion?

Yes I do. I’m always looking to cross promote and market my brand and services to share more knowledge with the world about clean cannabis! If you blog, create content, create videos, share media, websites, social media, and other avenues to promote my website and services, I can offer affiliate marketing programs for select associates who contact me


Do you host a booth/attend Cannabis Cups & industry trade shows?

I’ve been hosting event booths at Hightimes Cannabis Cup, Chalice, and similar, since 2008, but do not typically host a booth anymore. Instead I usually visit the event to network and freely interact with other vendors and clients that wish to meet there and chat! Be sure to check out my social media to stay in touch with which events are worth attending and the ones I’ll be at to chat! 


Do you speak at seminars or workshops?

Yes, I spent a full year traveling the US speaking at seminars educating 100 new people weekly on getting into the cannabusiness. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and offer instructional training courses and complimentary blogs for students wanting to increase their education. I am available to speak at other events, if interested in asking me to present please contact me.


Is cannabis or hemp pet safe?

Cannabis typically contains THC which is the activated cannabinoid compound associated with getting “high” and should be used by adults 21 years or older, or with the written recommendation of a licensed physician.

For your furry friends like cats, dogs, pigs, horses, oh my! –They all respond well to pure CBD treatments which are products derived from cannabis or hemp plants that do not have the psychoactive THC compound included.

Thus your pet will not encounter any “drugged” type of feelings. In general most pets given CBD as a supplement via capsules or tinctures, show an improved quality of life without any negative side effects. I have a client with a dog who was having over 50 seizures a day, and once they gave the dog our CBD tincture, the convulsions stopped, and is now seizure free.

Daily regiments are suggested to supplement your pet’s nutritional needs when treating for tumors, seizures, cancers, chronic pain, and other serious conditions that animals are susceptible to, just like humans.

Mammals contain endocannabinoid receptors which are only activated by cannabis and hemp compounds, meaning we were all created to intake cannabinoids daily just like vitamins. Research more yourself about CB1 & CB2 receptors, but giving your pets CBD may just save their life. Click here to order our Pet Elixir or other pure CBD Products. Enter “Boomspharm”  at Eureka CBD when you check out to get 15% OFF your order! 


How many People have Died using Cannabis or Hemp?

ZERO! As of current recorded history, not a single death has been associated with the use of cannabis or hemp. You cannot overdose on cannabinoid compounds found in natural plant medicine Cannabis Sativa.

If you ingest too much cannabis, you simply will feel very sleepy and likely come down with a serious case of the “munchies.” Be sure to stock your pantry with plenty of snacks! Click Here for monthly newsletter to understanding more about cannabis!



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