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Using cannabis for spiritual healing. [ by Dina Kleiman ]

Today I am going to talk a little about the work that I do as an energy healer and then I will describe how I use cannabis to help me with this work.  I will then offer some guidelines that I myself follow in order to help me connect with the medicine on a deeper level.

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'PHighting' Lupus & Pulmenary Hypertension w/ Cannabis [ by Elisa Lipnick ]

“I have loved playing in the dirt since I was a young girl. I enjoy being in my garden and seeing the life that pops up from the ground. I hope that soon all patients, will have access to medical cannabis. I hear so many stories in my community of others loving cannabis, and how great it makes them feel. I know this plant will change so many lives, and so many others with have an improved quality of life, and that to me, is priceless. “ 

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Navigating The Murky Waters Of Compliant Cannabis In California [by Nick Boomer]

However, as the years have gone on, I’m watching the laws develop, and seeing the tax structures crush small family farmers. In CA some counties have unlimited canopy sizes whereas other restrict to half an acre essentially per license. Come 2023 in CA we will have unlimited canopy licenses available and big players well funded are already rolling in buying up agriculture land here

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Read the story how Boomspharm came to be... [by Nick Boomer]

To date I have 15 years Cannabusiness experience. I am Born & Raised in Southern California originally operating out of LA/OC. I Spent 8 years doing commercial HVAC & Electrical installations for family business. I even majored in Business Management & Marketing while in college.

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